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As all amazing stories start out...ONCE UPON A TIME...

In a faraway land called Book World, one brunette whore, Stephie Walls, met a redhead whore, Kristie Leigh. They lived ten hours apart but talked every day. They wrote together and dealt with each other’s shit like no other could.


A long time ago in 2017, the redhead planned a signing that was…EPIC…AMAZING…THE SHIZNIT (the brunette loves to quote Snoop, so I thought that should be added in.) The redhead wanted to do it again but needed to recruit some more help, so the brunette stepped up. Now, here is where the story gets interesting because they get to add all of you to it very soon…


They can’t wait for 2023 for this new extravagant journey to begin.


...They're still planning.


And now that you've spent a few minutes of your life reading the incredible story of Stephie and Kristie, (time you won't ever get back) go fill out a volunteer form, an interest form, and don’t forget the input form, which will help them create the best event for EVERYONE.

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